Curriculum Vitae


University Level Subjects Taught: Ballet, Dance Appreciation, Dance Composition, Dance History, Dance Improvisation, Dance Performance, Introduction to Dance, Jazz Dance, Modern Dance, World Dance

Administrative: Chair, Pikes Peak Community College

Choreographer: Contemporary Dance and Modern Dance



Master of Fine Arts, DANCE

Emphasis on Choreography and Performance

Graduate Assistant of Videography

Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, New York, NY (1998 – 2000)

Bachelor of Arts, DANCE

Emphasis on Spanish and Latin American Studies

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO (1993 – 1997)

College Preparatory Diploma

Lanier Academic Motivational Program, Montgomery, AL (1989 – 1993)



Current – Summer 2015:

Faculty, The Kentucky Center Governor’s School of the Arts

Instruct Dance Composition, Improvisation


Spring 2017 – Fall 2016

Lecturer, Department of Visual and Performing Arts: Theater and Dance 

Savannah State University, Savannah, GA

Instruct Modern Dance Techniques, Ballet 1, Ballet II, Movement for Actors II


Spring 2015:

Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Theater and Dance

University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

Instruct Modern 1


2013 – 2012:

Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Dance

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM

Instruct Dance Appreciation, World Dance


2013 – 2012:

Part-Time Lecturer, Department of Theatre and Dance

University of Texas El Paso, El Paso, TX

Instruct Contemporary I – II, Ballet I, Dance Appreciation


2011 – 2006:

Chair, Department of Dance

Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO

Instruct: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Pointe, Dance Composition, Dance History, Dance Performance, Introduction to Dance

Administrative: produce concerts, marketing, advising, hiring, curriculum development, scheduling, advise Dance Appreciation Club


2011 – 2003:

Master Teacher / Instructor / Choreographer

Ormao Dance Company / Ormao Dance School, Colorado Springs, CO

Taught ballet, modern, improvisation. Choreographed numerous works.



Faculty, Dance Composition

Colorado College Extraordinary Dance Festival, Colorado Springs, CO

Taught dance composition to the students of the festival.



Adjunct Dance Instructor, Modern Dance

Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO

Taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced modern dance incorporating improvisation.

Choreographed two pieces for the spring concert.


2005 – 2004:

Business Manager

Ormao Dance Company, Colorado Springs, CO

Organized studio performances for fundraising purposes. Wrote and filed official documents to become a business entity.



2014 – 2009:

Choreographer / Director / Producer 

6 for 12 Productions

Create and produce original, cutting-edge dance theatre productions. Responsible for administrative elements of the company in addition to choreography and production.

Trials and Tribulations of An A-hole (2014) profiles that a-hole we all hate to love and love to hate. We shake our heads at his behavior but laugh at his jokes. We scoff at his behaviors but buy him a drink.

Nezabudka (2009) demonstrates a day in the life of good and evil and emphasizes the importance of their balance. The four elements and a group of humans lose balance when good and evil tip the scales.

2014, 2012:

Sansara, Colorado Springs, CO

“Skewed” (2014) is movement for movement sake short work set to a Mozart string quintet. Performed at the intimate theatre of Revibe Pilates the dancers use sheets of fabric to shape and reshape the space giving the audience varied perspectives on movement.

“Red for Rights” performed at Watch This Space is a comical political satire using the color red in the form of bathmats and food coloring dyed mouths to demonstrate the freedom and limitations that come with our political rights.

2014, 2012 – 2011:

Ormao Dance Company / Ormao Dance School, Colorado Springs, CO

“unrecognized beauty” takes inspiration from visual artist Floyd Tunson’s work with a soundscape composed and performed by Glenn Whitehead. The work focuses on lost possibilities because of unrecognized beauty due to racism. The work was performed at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center gallery.

“No Reality Between Us” (2011) explores the fragility of sanity. Think of the everyday. Remember that thing that hides in the dark corners. We are all delving, daily, through the fog of our own minds. Sinking, at our own speeds, to the level of insanity most fitting to us.


Dragon Theatre Productions, Colorado Springs, CO

Dragon Theatre Productions is an all-inclusive company catering to adults and children with mental and physical challenges.


El Paso Community College, El Paso, TX

“If There Were No Moon” performed at the EPCC Transmountain Campus Theater.


Texas Technical University, Lubbock, TX

“Chocolate” is a work loosely based on the novel Like Water for Chocolate by Laura Esquivel. The work is choreographed in collaboration with Posy Knight and explores the link between food, emotion, and relationships.


Flatlands Dance Theatre, Lubbock, TX

“Chocolate” performed at the Firehouse Theater.


Our Community Dance Company, Colorado Springs, CO

“FDP” performed at Watch This Space.


Peak at the Arts Festival, Colorado Springs, CO

“Community Modern” is a work for 37 community members of varying abilities. This work is a collaboration with choreographer Posy Knight, visual artist Michael Cellan, and the Kaminari Taiko drummers. These talented dancers performed at the Peak at the Arts Festival at the enormous main stage of the Pikes Peak Center.

2011 – 2006:

Pikes Peak Community College, Colorado Springs, CO

“Saddled to his Dreams” (2011) is about addiction. Each character has a different story, a different struggle, a different addiction. The lines blur between victim and support system.

“Community Modern II” (2011) is an opportunity for community members from all walks of life to meet and rediscover the euphoria of movement. The challenge is to connect equally to all members of the group while demonstrating the casts’ ability to assist one another, move through space, and reach an audience.

“Encapsulate” (2009) takes inspiration from the Dalí painting “The Persistence of Memory” investigating how time feels in different circumstances.

“4817 Kisses” (2008) choreographed with Jessica Russ-Medovich is a story of two young lovers separated by war. The work shows the effect war has on relationships. At the climax the dancers each carry a stone representing the burden that they bare via the separation and solitude.

“Drenched in White” (2007) is choreographed to Bartok’s String Quartet No. 4 and examines the buddhist thought of jumping into the black abyss of the unknown, surrendering into struggle,.

“Olive Juice” (2006) is a light-hearted trio about the helium head of first love.




The Dancer’s Center for Training, Louisville, KY

Introduction to Composition


2017, 2016:

The Moving Collective 



Site-Specific Choreography Workshop 

Ormao Dance School, Colorado Springs, CO



Advanced Ballet Workshop

The Dancer’s Studio, El Paso, TX



Advanced Modern Dance Workshop

Glass Box Studio, El Paso, TX



Contemporary Dance Master Class

Revolution Dance Academy, Colorado Springs, CO



Modern Dance Master Class

Texas Technical University, Lubbock, TX



Modern Dance Master Class

University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY



Modern Dance Master Class

Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO




Marketing, Subcommittee Member

Colorado Dance Alliance, Denver, CO

2012 – 2011

Dance Critic

World Dance Reviews

2011 – 2010:

Board Member

Colorado Dance Alliance, Denver, CO


Dance Jury, Subcommittee Member

Pikes Peak Arts Council, Colorado Springs, CO




Company Member

Push/Don’t Pull Dance Theatre, Grand Junction, CO

2010 – 2004, 2000:

Company Member

Ormao Dance Company, Colorado Springs, CO




Creative Process Workshop with Jan Erkert, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO


Contact Improvisation with Erica Kaufman, Colorado Dance Alliance, Colorado Springs, CO


Teaching Modern Dance in Higher Education with Jan Erkert, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

2000 – 2003:

New York City, NY

Teachers: Leslie Partridge, Cassandra Phifer, Kevin Wynn


Flamenco and Sevillanas Workshop, San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico

Teacher: Pamela Cervantes

2000 – 1999:

Company Member

Second Avenue Dance Company, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, NY

Performed in works by Darrah Carr, Kay Cummings, Doug Elkins, and Kevin Wynn.

2000 – 1998:

Tisch Department of Dance, New York University, New York, NY

Ballet: Tere O’Connor, Cassandra Phifer, Jackie Villamil

Modern: Ronald K. Brown, Joy Kellman, Nicolas Leichter, Gus Solomons Jr.

Pilates: Kathy Grant

Choreography: Phyllis Lamhut, Deborah Jowitt

Music: William Multon, Scott Killian

1997 – 1993:

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

Ballet: Robin Haig

Modern: David Capps, Nada Diachenko, Toby Hankin, Diann Sichel

African: Leticia Williams

Choreography and Improvisation: David Capps, Toby Hankin, Nancy Spanier


American Dance Festival, Durham, NC

Ballet: Jackie Villamil

Modern: Ken Toste,

Community Teaching Methods: Amy Dowling, Tom Truss

Conditioning: Erik Franklin

1993 – 1989:

Company Member

Alabama Dance Theatre / Armory Dance Center, Montgomery, AL

Haynes Owens, Ballet Master; Kitty Seale, Artistic Director




Nominated for Innovation in Production Award, Trials and Tribulations of an A-Hole

Pikes Peak Arts Council

Colorado Springs, CO


MicroGrant Recipient

Pikes Peak Arts Council

Colorado Springs, CO


Youth Recognition Award

Pikes Peak Arts Council

Colorado Springs, CO


Nominated for Excellence in Dance Performance, Nezabudka

Pikes Peak Arts Council

Colorado Springs, CO


Nominated for Excellence in Dance Choreography, Drenched in White

Pikes Peak Arts Council

Colorado Springs, CO


Choreography, Olive Juice, chosen for GALA performance

American College Dance Festival Association

Wichita, KA



Tiffany Tinsley Weeks


Chung-Fu Chang


Lisa Smith


Myron Nadel


Jan Johnson



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