Artistic Statement

I am primarily interested in creating movement and in molding, shaping, and manipulating the space with that movement. I create movement that gives into gravity and is motivated by momentum. I explore movement with the clean, precise, technical base of ballet laced with quirky gestures, awkward moments, and messy exits. My greatest influences are David Capps, Larry Keigwin, Joy Kellman, and Leslie Partridge Sachs.  I use  sound that supports and enhances the dance but does not overwhelm it. The dancer and all of his/her strengths and limitations mold the movement I create and the themes I explore. I choreograph works to communicate. That communication may be profound or light-hearted.  I stay true to my vision and true to my aesthetic but believe the work must be accessible to the audience. And, by accessible I do not mean they must be pleased. I travel frequently and move almost as frequently. The cultures, people, and environments I discover envelop me and seep into my movement, thematic, and musical choices adding diversity and a broad perspective.



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