Current Projects


The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts

16 June – 7 July

Composition Faculty and Chair of the Dance Department, Centre College

Composition Classes: Another phenomenal year with 24 of Kentucky’s finest dancing artists. This year I had the privilege of expanding our composition ciriculum to include collaborations with both Creative Writing and Film & Photography. The students were pushed and prodded out of their comfort zones and emerged victorious!

Faculty Collaborative Choreography: GSA Alumnus and former GSA Creative Writing faculty Shayla Lawson’s poems entitled Pantone are the inspiration for this year’s faculty collaboration. Each faculty member chose poems from her collection inspired by Pantone, INC, a company which creates patented colors for printing and design.  The choreographers use the poems in different ways, but each piece is structured as a musical suite connecting the project though form.


Introduction to Dance Composition at the Dancer’s Center for Training

16 July – 20 July, Monday – Friday, 12:45 – 5pm

The Dancer’s Center for Training in Louisville, Kentucky

In this workshop students will excavate their artistic voice through exploratory improvisations and creating compositional studies. Each student will create one small work and dance in another student’s work.  The day will begin with waking up the body and senses to new movement possibilities through guided, structured improvisations. From there students will learn to create and structure movement though compositional studies and assignments. Students then move into rehearsals either creating their own work or assisting in the development of another student’s vision by dancing.

 How did we get here?

1 August – 4 August, Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 3pm

Ormao Dance Company, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Do you ever watch current dance and wonder how we got here? Did dancers thousands of years ago dance on pointe, writhe to electronic soundscapes, and execute acrobatic feats? Or, has dance slowly developed with the athletic ability of the dancers and the temperament of society? In this workshop you will identify your current favorite choreographer, academically and kinesthetically study some modern dance ancestors, dance in new work created by Ila Conoley to be performed the final day, and analyze the roots of the new work. All of this taught in a fun, casual, engaging atmosphere focussed on individual successes!







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