Current Projects


“NO REALITY BETWEEN US” becomes a quintet this spring with Ormao Senior Repertory in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

I am enjoying revisiting this work from the perspective of a younger person — the dancers are high school students — and through adding two additional dancers. Jessica Russ joins me as my Colorado Springs liaison to help keep reconstruction moving at a steady, precise rate.


NEW WORK with Theresa Bautista

I am excited to be creating a new duet with Theresa Bautista. We LOVE creating material together. We LOVE partnering together. We LOVE making humor together. Stay tuned for after our Lousiville rehearsal time March 21 – 26!

Professional Development

I am so excited to attend this workshop at Movement Research in NYC in March!

Janis Brenner’s workshop “Moving, Sounding & Acting: Improvisation & Liberation”

I love adding sound to my choreography, text or abstract.  I am hoping to learn a bit more about the process so that when I do so the sound is supported from an authentic place wether physically or emotionally. In addition, I am excited to explore vocalization for my own performance. I love singing and have no fear of exclaiming — when funny. The challenge is to seriously exclaim!


The Kentucky Center Governor’s School for the Arts

23 June – 13 July

Composition Faculty and Chair of the Dance Department, Centre College










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