Current Projects

In residency with Savannah State University for the Spring Semester.

ICONography Dance is setting a new work on 6 of the talented students at Savannah State University in Savannah, GA.

Through conversations with the dancers I discovered one of the issues most pertinent and concerning in their lives right now is the future of our nation. They believe that so much of what is made to be important by the media is an effort by the government to cover up and distract us from what is truly important. They said things like, “The primary election is a debacle and not even the real issue” and “Where is the humanity?”

The work ICONography Dance is setting tells a story of a group of six people who work for the FBI. They are not only agents. They are people. Although they manipulate, they are manipulated. Who are the villains? Who are the victims? The soundtrack vibrates with speeches by the longtime head of the FBI J Edgar Hoover. His obsession with un-American activity and willingness to do anything un-American to get information about American citizens was a dark and frightening time for our nation.

In residency the month of May with Ormao Dance Company in Colorado Springs, CO.

ICONography Dance is collaborating with visual installation artist Wendy Mikes on a work for the Ormao Dance Company’s Summer 2016 concert. Themes include being bound by one’s past, connections both physical and emotional to others, and perseverance.

Summer 2016 at the Osborne in Colorado Springs, CO.

University of Colorado Colorado Springs welcomes back ICONography Dance for the third summer to create yet another evening length theatrical production laden with wit, risk, and whatever else comes out of this wild creative process. This year’s production Whose Island? is a Gilligan’s Island parody telling a tale of the happening of the island through dance, physical theater, and theater.

Click here for more info.


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