40 Winks

“Splendid  — fast-paced, rowdy, a bit raunchy, fun, sexy, and enormously creative. Beautifully choreographed.” – Wayne Artis

40 Winks is my favorite modern dance performance in some time! Well done dancers, artists,  and dreamers!” – Amber Cote

“[40 Winks] is so beautiful, elegant…ICONography Dance uses our little Osborne so beautifully and DeLane Bredvik’s design is astonishing.” – Kevin Landis

40 Winks

A fantastical plunge into the warped reality of dreams, 40 Winks explores themes of anxiety, indulgence, release, and the nonsensical through strangers meeting in Dreamland. This evening length theatrical dance work choreographed by Ila Conoley Paladino engages the senses with movement, music, and design elements straight out of a dreamscape.

This show contains adult themes. PG13

40 Winks by Matthew Paladino

40 Winks by Matthew Paladino

Who’s Who:
Producers: Ila Conoley Paladino and Tiffany Tinsley Weeks​ with University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Department of Theatre and Dance
Choreographer: Ila Conoley Paladino
Dancers: Megan Aizpuro​, Lauren Andrus​, Mary Ripper Baker​, Theresa Bautista​, Laura Corral​, Trish Doyle-Stahl​, Lena Engelstein, Cameron McCluggage​, Dustin Ordway​, Jen Viola​, Tiffany Tinsley Weeks
Lighting Design: Christian Medovich
Production Design: Posy Knight​
Design and Show Assistants: Liz Vargas, Liz Jones​,and Zele Totsumi​

40 Winks by Matthew Paladino

40 Winks by Matthew Paladino

Premiere August 2015 at the Osborne Studio Theater at UCCS
#40Winks #ICONographyDance
40 Winks by Matthew Paladino

40 Winks by Matthew Paladino


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